How Do They Make Those Wonderful Dildos?

dildosWhen Henry Ford pioneered the technique of mass production, I doubt he ever imagined it being put to the use of making sex toys. Yep, contemporary manufacture of sex toys is done in an assembly line environment, just like any other mass market consumer good. Even for realistic models made from porn star molds, the manufacturing process for the dildo doesn’t change.

Dildos can be manufactured from a variety of materials, the most common being rubber and variants thereof. Silicone, jelly rubber, and latex are among the most common materials used on the production line and in their liquid forms, they’re easy to handle. Every factory will have a vast quantity of molds for each dildo they carry, so that whether the production order calls for ribbed, studded, or even monster dildos that are 11″ or longer, the order will be able to be filled in short order.
China has become a popular nation for manufacturers to set up their dildo and sensual accessory production facilities; labor costs are dirt cheap and the distribution networks are in place to get products shipped quickly to the United States and other points abroad. On the production line, the workers will be provided with the liquefied material that the particular dildo model is made of and it’ll be poured into the product mold. Depending on the grade of rubber used, it might take several hours to harden or you just might have to let the material set overnight. Once that’s take care of, the brand spanking new dildo is ready to be packaged, secured onto shipping palettes, and shipped out to wholesalers worldwide.

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Sex Toys – The Best Way to Bridge the Gap in Relationships

Sex healthDo you want to double the pleasure and intimacy in your relationship? Do you want to show how much you love your partner? Well, the modern sex toys will definitely help you in doing so. Along with the pleasure and satisfaction you will be enjoying the sexual act with fun. The scientifically proven toy will help you in achieving the maximum intimacy and satisfaction during the sexual intercourse.

In many cases the sexual act fails to reach the target level because of simple communication gaps. With the help of these modern toys you can bridge the gaps. In order to successfully introduce the sex toys in your life you need to consider the following factors for safety and effectiveness: Read more »

Useful Tips for First Time Users of Sex Toys

Sex toys for womenIf you try to look back and find the date since the sex toys existed, then you’ll be extremely surprised to find out how old their existence is. Present in various different forms and having played an essential role in helping the user to achieve sexual pleasure, these toys can also be used by both male and female. Most of today’s couples utilize these toys for the sense of stimulating the woman’s organs and help her reach extreme levels of pain and pleasure.

These toys grew in popularity with the passing time and now have been sought after by one and all. The most important benefit of using sex toys is that it provides sexual pleasure to both the partners and helps in satisfying your very own sexual desires. Some of the surveys and reports suggest that the ratio of men to women purchasing these toys is evenly balanced at 52% women and 48% men.

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How to Use Vibrating Penis Sex toys

VibeIf you’re new to the world of vibrators, staring at your new acquisition in its seductive packaging and wondering exactly what you’re supposed to do with it, stop worrying. The traditional vibe is one of the easiest adult toys to use, an intuitive instrument of sexual gratification that will treat you to unearthly sensual pleasure the first time you put it to use.

If this is your first time with a new vibe, don’t fire it up and go straight for your clit, particularly if you’ve just bought a multi-speed vibe. Sex toys reviews have one piece of advice in common for all vibrator neophytes – go through the toy’s different settings while letting your toy vibrate against your arm or the palm of your hand. This lets you test drive your new sex toy, giving you an opportunity to gauge what sensations would feel good against your clit or within your vagina.

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