Erotic games with mask

This article is about the erotic games with mask, a supplement may be simple, but until you try it you do not realize how much you depend on your view, and how stimulating it can be aroused through other senses.

The mask is a simple sex toy, fun, and above all cheap. So no excuses, all couples should have one.

With the mask can increase the feelings we capture by other senses, such as touch, hearing, or taste. Also override the sense of sight puts us on alert, we tend to try to anticipate, and thus the effect is even more exhilarating surprise.

Through a mask, the poor lover can become a good lover, so if you have a couple good moments, imagine where you can take a simple mask. It is true that some people are overwhelmed with the issue of losing control, but this is just a game, and a very pleasant addition.

What to do when your partner gets the mask

It may seem obvious, but some people do not know where to start, so I’ll give a few tips that you can serve to start a bit as a guide and then as you give your personal touch

1. Games of domination, the mask is an essential accessory in this type of foreplay. Although instinctively not be a dominant person, the fact that your partner does not see or control what you do gives you some power, what brings you to try things, or ask your partner to do things, such as guide you in you pleasure and oral sex.

2. Surprise factor would be contrary to the previous point, the idea is to tap your partner does not see what you do to caress, kiss and lick the parts of your body that you fancy. Try not to say anything, be quiet, to feel her excitement mixed with anxiety and suddenly attack … Try to stimulate breathing, or with objects like ice, fruit, vegetables and sex toys.

3. Erotic massage, with which you can explore every inch of her body. In this situation, the mask helps you relax even more, and lets you see her nude body without feeling his gaze. Ideally, use massage oils or exotic fruity aromas.

4. Masturbation and sex will be a totally different experience, because your partner can not see you, but can concentrate on capturing the feelings of other senses or you can let your imagination to realize any erotic fantasy.

As you can see, the mask erotic games can be a really exciting in any case claim that this is just the seed for you to develop your own ideas, if you want a different one, you can do it yourself from your imagination.

Buy Sex Toys Kits

Do you want to try something new in sex and after a visit to a sex shop, you get confused and do not know which sex toy to choose? It is quite a natural reaction. But here everything is designed by manufacturers of sex toys – especially for such cases (and not only for them) come erotic kits in abundance in the range represented sex-shops.

Sex toys kits (sets) consist of several similar or diverse sex toys. When buying a kit, you can diversify your sex life, have fun and try new sexual experimentation with a partner. In addition, erotic kits for sex – it’s a great savory gift that it is possible to teach a friend or girlfriend.

How to choose a set of erotic?

Sex toy sets are in the range of almost all manufacturers of sex products, their content may be very different. There are sexy sets, targeted at women, men or sex partners.

Sex toy kits for women are very popular consisting of a vibrator or more vibrators, additional attachments to them, anal stimulator, vaginal balls and / or vibroyaytso.This set allows you to experiment with different forks stimulation, gain new experiences.

Erotic set for women Erotic set for women

Sex toy kits for men may be composed of different cock rings and nozzles, that not only can improve erections and prolong the sexual act, but to please a woman, due to additional stimulation of erogenous zones. Also popular sex toys kits for men consisting of several masturbators, such as imitating the vagina and anus. No less demand erotic sets, consisting of diverse sex toys: bits on the penis, vacuum pump, anal stimulators, Cock rings, etc.

sex kits for men sex kits for men

The erotic kits with two features are the most popular sex toys , allowing both partners to experiment, to try new experiences and to diversify their sexual life.

erotic kits for two erotic kits for two

Special mention should be sets of sex toys for anal stimulation. They are essential for those who are just beginning to develop this side of sexual pleasure. Such kits may include different types of anal toys: phalluses, vibrators, plugs, chains, beads, or consist of a number of sex toys same species, but different size.

kits for anal stimulation kits for anal stimulation

Erotic kits are usually designed for beginners in the world of sex toys. They help to better understand your own body, to understand what is really like, and allow us to understand what is really worth to buy in a sex shop in the future.

Sex kits may include sex-toys made ​​of various materials: plastic, siliconePVC, or TPR.

Care of sex toys kits

Before first use, all sex toys should be disinfected with the help of special tools or just wash them. It is best to use them with a lubricant, it facilitates sliding and prevents micro-traumas. After using, sex toys must be cleaned of grease or wash or process again cleanser. These simple rules will help prevent bacterial growth on the surface of sex toys.



vibratorVibrators are currently available in many sizes and versions, while the same for everyone, though, is that the course is a minimum of one type of vibration, primarily for the stimulation of the clitoris and / or G-spot inside the vagina.

But as with all other types of sex toys, then a vibrator that is not just a vibrator, and some of the most important things you should keep in mind when you are in the market for a new vibrator, of course, the type of vibration, the product has to offer.

Not a few women who for several years regularly have used the vibrator find that just as slowly be more and more stimulation to achieve orgasm. 
It may be titillating, and great to stimulate themselves with less powerful vibrations, but must play loggerheads with an orgasm, so there has to be screwed up for the more intense vibrations.

This does not mean that as a brand new love toy-user can not “just” a vibrator with more gentle vibration. For maybe you would naturally just need more and more violent stimulation to come.


Many women already know this fairly well, what needs to stimulation before there is opportunity to achieve orgasm. Whether one needs gentle and quieter touches or whether, in the other end of the scale, the work of the case so sweat is running before hopefully feasible.

And this should – or one’s party, if he / she has set out to buy – of course, have in mind before being placed an order.

It completely safe choice is that investing in a product, whether it’s about a clitoral vibrator, G-spot vibrator or a dildo vibrator that you choose a product that has different types of vibrations. So a vibrator that has possibly the whole range of vibrations.

In this way you are hedged in both the head and butt – also with the glasses on, the vast majority of women experience varying degrees of sensitivity associated with vibrator stimulation. 
One day, not so much stimulation while to be Work is something more to the case the next.


If you already know in advance to be quite hefty stimulation, that you can get, so it is in any case a good idea to go after one of the so-called “powerful vibrator” – and a natural small vibrator so easily be the case.

The powerful vibrators are usually also some of the most popular and sought after ones in the market – not least of course in women who already have difficulty achieving orgasm, or who may never have experienced redemption yet.

If you are among those who have joy and pleasure of a powerful vibrator for stimulation of the clitoris, then you can eg choose an extra strong mini vibrator – ie a small and handy vibrator, you can have them everywhere, and if vibrations is even quite intense.

Another type of vibrator is dildo vibrator that both can be used for stimulation of the clitoris and penetration of the vagina – with and without vibration switched. 
If you choose one, you are well and widely covered. 
Dildo vibrator can namely also if Situated in the right way, used for direct stimulation of the G-spot.

A decidedly G-spot vibrator with extra strong vibration that can cause G-point and perhaps also spray-orgasms can of course just as well be used for stimulation of the clitoris – like all other types of vibrators also abilities.

One last and very popular vibrator type, which is also available with extra strong vibration, the wand massage device, also known as wands or, in Danish, wands. 
Here is a vibrator type with flexible vibrator head that not only stimulates the clitoris, but also the area right around – there are too many just gives it that extra takes.


anal sex

If we go from 30 to 40 years back in time, as was anal stimulation and especially anal sex among heterosexual couples both taboo and very international. 

If the kind of sexual activity when all was something that even in a small way just pondered. Anal sex was not a thing that appeared in contemporary mainstream porn movies. 
No, in the “old days” had anal sex greatly border and taboo.

If you are looking for specific products  Anal Sex Toys for couple’s river you will find them in the category for couples. Looking the other hand, after Sex toys for men, designed for men and prostate, etc., then you should look here

Here in 2014, when the Internet have seriously doors to all kinds of sexual desires, fantasies and activities, anal sex, both giving and receiving party, many no longer as border and taboo.
Even very heterosexual men who in greatly too can experience great joy and pleasure by receiving anal sex, is beginning to get on anal cart.

But one’s imagination and immediate desire, anything else is to practice anal sex, in fact – and here on you can get quite a cropper if excesses going on with his head under his arm.

Firstly, novice / rookie out of receiving anal get a rather unpleasant and painful debut, if not that fit – and then the anal experience being both the first and last time.

Another “problem” is hygiene – or rather lack of it, there is a part to completely abstain from anal sex. A third thing is that you have to take good care with which objects you use to penetrate with.

A final but equally important thing is that all – and this IS IT! – Just not for neither giving and / or receiving anal sex, and this is therefore both men and women, gay and straight. And it gets you as a partner if it is so, so just have to accept.


Anyone who has tried to receive anal sex also know that it is extremely important for the whole experience that goes just as quietly forward – and that the receiving receiving abilities to relax and feel good about it throughout. Who, thereby also means that as the transmitting party must be able to be patient and be able to control his desires.

Otherwise it is simply becoming too uncomfortable and perhaps even too painful for him or her, now even puts buttocks.

As completely new to the game as a receiving party, one should not immediately be the great expectations that such a right to the first can handle the really big dildos – if all is what it is at present going efter.Vigtigt in this regard it is also, and so every time that you use good lubricant, lubricant or oil that is suitable for the purpose, and rather too much lube than too little.

See Anal Lubricant here

But the more one is able to relax with the expansion of the sphincter, the more abilities muscle also expand. Thus not said that the more the better, for it is again varies from person to person. Some think it’s perfectly fine with easy anal stimulation, possibly combined with penetration of a not so big dildo while others just can not get dildoerne thick and long enough.

In any case, whether playing solo or with a partner, it’s about feeling his way – to read the receive Ende Party signals, just as it is now even receive, of course, will have to say no, if it suddenly becomes a little too much.


That it is more ok for women than it is for men to be the receiving party, the man is a homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual, is something worse nonsense, and rooted in old and entrenched prejudices. Just as the prejudice about that as a man must either be bi or gay, if you turn on the anal stimulation and / or ditto penetration.

ALL, it applies to both men and women may have an great joy and pleasure of receiving anal sex. Just as everyone can have great joy and pleasure of making her partner anal sex.

When this is said and turned firmly confirms it must also be added that not all – of the one, second or third reason – either giving and / or receiving anal sex.

Just as not all are, for example, oral sex and other forms of sexual activity.

Anal sex, just as with all other types of sex, is all about taste, not on gender or sexual orientation.


It can be a joy and pleasure and associated with great excitement and even achieve orgasm to receive anal sex, and this applies to both him and her.

But there are also some factors you in this regard should be aware of.

When it comes to actual penetration, whether it’s about a dildo or vibrator, it is quite important that the product has a “backstop” in the end.

By sheer desire and arousal, it may then happen if you do not take good care of the product end up getting a little too far up – and slips it to end up, it can all be a bit of a struggle of getting the fish; out again.

Another thing that you should also be aware that hygiene is about sex games involving anal penetration. Availing the woman, for example, first a dildo anally, for subsequent without cleaning it of any bacteria first, using it vaginally, she may risk a pelvic function.

This of course also when the man with his penis alternately penetrate her anally and vaginally.

Yes, it can then be a bit of an appetite killer that you just have to remember it with hygiene, but then rather take a little break and precautions rather than risk a game boring and more like killing pelvic inflammatory disease.

A good measure, only more and more growing anal sex uses, is to give the dildo or vibrator a condom during anal penetration.

The condom ensures both yourself and the product.


As previously mentioned, it is different from person to person, what type of anal stimulation and / or penetration, it is now even is.

Here may be added to that desire, of course, can vary from day to day. 
There may be days when you are the more gentle and cautious, while so next time should go some more hard for themselves.

If you are a beginner out from receiving anal sex, whether you are a solo or to grow it as a couple, you should not start with too thick dildos and vibrators – and clearly the best with the products have once developed and produced for just anal use.

Here you can acquire so-called butt-plugs, it is possible to run back and forth, but primarily to slip into place, like a plug – as a sustained stimulation of the anus, while, for example, has started in the second exciting. Anal plugs are available in all thicknesses and materials such as rubber / silicone, steel and glass.

On the whole, it is, of course also very much for anal dildos, so is the thickness / radius of the product at its thickest point it is most important when you need to buy.

Therefore it is a good idea before you find the debit card rather, to have just a small idea of ​​what it is primarily for when it comes to thickness.

When it comes to the length of the product, then turn on part of both the physical and psychological aspect of being able to get the product as far up as possible, while others are perfectly fine with less.

Here it’s more about the feeling and experience by being penetrated anally.

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