How SEX Toys Enhance Relationships

Sex healthAdult toys can treat you and your partner to sensual experiences that you’d otherwise have no avenue to pursue, allowing you to explore sensations and fantasies that can lift your relationship to new levels of intimacy, trust, and confidence. While sensual accessories are a phenomenally diverse group of products, almost all of them can be enjoyed by couples even if their design suggests otherwise.


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How Long Strap-on Dildo May Stay Inside in Me?

Strap-on dildoSo you’ve gotten into the world of strap-on dildo play and you’re beginning to experiment with different techniques and testing your limits. It’s only natural to wonder how long you can safely have strap-on dildos inside you, especially if you’re new to the world of anal play. It all depends on your experience with anal penetration and your own personal physical and emotional comfort level. Let’s examine how you can test your anal limits while still having a fun and satisfying anal experience.

The first thing you have to know before slipping on that strap-on harness is that you need to lube that dong. Generously. The anus and rectum provide absolutely no natural lubrication. So it’s on you to do the work. Otherwise, it’s simply not safe to have these dildos inside you for any length of time.

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Sex Toys to Add That Extra Bit in Your Sexual Life

VibratorThe latest trend in the industry related to sex is sex toys. An extremely useful toy to simulate your organs, these toys can just give you the best love making session you could ask for. Using these toys might make some of you scoff or snicker, but its importance can only be known if you use it and extract the maximum pleasure out of you.

The markets are flooded with sex toys which come for both women and men. The thought of masturbating or indulging in any such activity might not liked by some, but these toys can help them and they can satisfy themselves on their own. Sharing and using the toys on your partner will definitely excite you more and pave the way for an exciting night.

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How Do They Make Those Wonderful Dildos?

dildosWhen Henry Ford pioneered the technique of mass production, I doubt he ever imagined it being put to the use of making sex toys. Yep, contemporary manufacture of sex toys is done in an assembly line environment, just like any other mass market consumer good. Even for realistic models made from porn star molds, the manufacturing process for the dildo doesn’t change.

Dildos can be manufactured from a variety of materials, the most common being rubber and variants thereof. Silicone, jelly rubber, and latex are among the most common materials used on the production line and in their liquid forms, they’re easy to handle. Every factory will have a vast quantity of molds for each dildo they carry, so that whether the production order calls for ribbed, studded, or even monster dildos that are 11″ or longer, the order will be able to be filled in short order.
China has become a popular nation for manufacturers to set up their dildo and sensual accessory production facilities; labor costs are dirt cheap and the distribution networks are in place to get products shipped quickly to the United States and other points abroad. On the production line, the workers will be provided with the liquefied material that the particular dildo model is made of and it’ll be poured into the product mold. Depending on the grade of rubber used, it might take several hours to harden or you just might have to let the material set overnight. Once that’s take care of, the brand spanking new dildo is ready to be packaged, secured onto shipping palettes, and shipped out to wholesalers worldwide.

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