Russian Valentine’s Day

July 8 (June 25 st. Style) day of the Assumption of the Blessed Martyr Fevronia and Prince Peter

“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder” 
(Matt. 19.6)

The miraculous icon of the holy Prince and Princess of Peter and Fevronia is in the temple Small Ascension Nikitskaya that opposite the conservatory. Late rector of. Gennady blessed televised and magazine “Russian House” on the institution and the glorification of July 8 Russian holiday of all loving.

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Best G-Spot Vibrator


g-spot vibrator

For many women the best G-Spot Vibrator is this Delight, a product manufactured in Germany by the brand Fun Factory, a reference in regards to sex toys generation where the best materials are used and offer the poor higher guarantees.

Moreover, in recent years it has received important awards for its sleek design and functionality, as it is very effective in providing pleasure to the woman. If you have never experienced an orgasm like this, do not wait any longer, as you feel your whole body shakes and your legs tremble as to achieve one of these orgasms. Read more »

Oral Sex Lessons


oral sex classes

Talking about oral sex classes almost sounds like an excuse for a film X film, however in Russia and especially in Moscow, it seems that there are women who want to learn and answer questions for more pleasure to their men.

Maybe in cities like Madrid or Barcelona already have this kind of courses of oral sex and masturbation, albeit in a slightly illegal, but it’s not so weird, especially watching what is seen in certain tapper sex meetings.

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Female oral sex techniques

oral sex for female

Technical and female oral sex tips

When we talk about sexual preliminaries, we give utmost importance to the game of touching, kissing, fondling several that ignite passion prior to intercourse. But between these games and intercourse, girls, we will not deny that a good oral sex gets out the fire hidden in our guts.

Non claiming to present here the “ Handbook for Practice Perfect Cunnilingus ”discuss basic premises for the oral sex to women resulting sea of exciting and unforgettable.

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