What is the most powerful clitoral vibrator

VibratorsAll vibrators are not created equal. If you’re looking for the ultimate in clitoral stimulation, no matter how versatile your traditional vibes and G-spot massagers are, they’re not specifically designed to give treat your clit to the vibration power and precision your clit craves.

What you need is a clitoral vibrator. How to use these vibes is an easily answered question as they’re all extremely intuitive. Here are some of our favorites.

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How to Choose the Best Sex Toy for Great Sex Pleasure

Sex toy for womenThere’s an awful wide variety of sex toys available to consumers, which can make finding the right one to give you the sex pleasure you crave quite difficult. The key is narrowing down what you want to get from your adult toy. Are you into anal stimulation? Have you always wanted to explore the sensual possibilities of your G-spot? Or are you just looking for dependable clitoral stimulation? Once you know what you want to experience from a sensual accessory, making the right choice becomes much easier.

If you’re looking for new realms of anal excitement, anal dildos that come with flared bases and exciting textures are the toys for you. If you’re an experienced anal fan, a probe like Tantus’ Cowboy is just your thing – 16 inches of concentric spherical bulges that will treat you to the ultimate in anal sex pleasure. For newer anal devotees, Njoy’s Pure Wand is just the ticket – a stainless steel wand that’s perfect for discovering enticing new sensations.

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How SEX Toys Enhance Relationships

Sex healthAdult toys can treat you and your partner to sensual experiences that you’d otherwise have no avenue to pursue, allowing you to explore sensations and fantasies that can lift your relationship to new levels of intimacy, trust, and confidence. While sensual accessories are a phenomenally diverse group of products, almost all of them can be enjoyed by couples even if their design suggests otherwise.


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How Long Strap-on Dildo May Stay Inside in Me?

Strap-on dildoSo you’ve gotten into the world of strap-on dildo play and you’re beginning to experiment with different techniques and testing your limits. It’s only natural to wonder how long you can safely have strap-on dildos inside you, especially if you’re new to the world of anal play. It all depends on your experience with anal penetration and your own personal physical and emotional comfort level. Let’s examine how you can test your anal limits while still having a fun and satisfying anal experience.

The first thing you have to know before slipping on that strap-on harness is that you need to lube that dong. Generously. The anus and rectum provide absolutely no natural lubrication. So it’s on you to do the work. Otherwise, it’s simply not safe to have these dildos inside you for any length of time.

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