cold soresAre you frustrated by an ongoing war with cold sores, blisters and of course the herpes virus? Are you waiting for the healing the cold sores on their own?  Well, cold sores and blisters are caused due to herpes virus and they generally heal on their own within 15-20 days. The bad thing is that they can attack you at any time and can occur again and again. Cold sores are not only painful but embarrassing too. They can occur on your mouth, lips and in genital parts of the body.

Facts Of Herpes

If you have cold sores on your lips, you cannot conceal them with any cloth or makeup. Everyone will notice your cold sores and it seems like all eyes are giving you a disgusting look. So, treating them with some effective treatment option is the better option than waiting for their own process of healing. If you try an effective treatment option, it is also possible to reduce the severity of pain and occurrence of frequent herpes outbreaks. The question that arises is – how to treat these annoying cold sores and which treatment option will be best? The answer to these questions is hidden in this article. So, read carefully this article to know the right treatment option for herpes symptoms

If you visit your doctor and ask for a treatment option that can reduce the symptoms of herpes and heal the cold sores fast, he/she will prescribe you the antiviral herpes medications such as acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. These medications will give you good results for some time and significantly reduce your pain, frequent herpes outbreaks, redness, itching and all other symptoms of herpes. You might be thinking if antivirals can do so much, they are the best treatment option. No, you are thinking wrong. Antivirals only give you results for a short time. After some time, they will start giving you side effects such as nausea, vomiting and headache and will also make your immune system weak. So, we cannot say that antivirals are the beat treatment options for treating herpes symptoms.

types-of-herpes-1Recently, researchers have found a new and effective treatment option for herpes symptoms. The treatment option is known as ‘natural cure for herpes.’ Yes, this is all about the natural ingredients that can easily available in your kitchen or garden. Natural ingredients are not so expensive like antiviral herpes medications or pills. A natural herpes cure will not charge you thousands of dollars and will give their best results. There are the number of herbal remedies that can be used for the treatment of herpes and one of them are essential oils. You might have heard about essential oils or also used them in cooking and many household purposes. Among the all essential oils, lavender oil is one of the easily available and common essential oils which can cure herpes outbreaks. I know you have so many questions in your mind regarding lavender oil for herpes treatment. We will give you the answer for your all questions so, keep reading this article.

Lavender Oil For Herpes

-lavender-oilThere are the number of essential oils which have been using since ancient times for curing many health issues. The most commonly used essential oils for the treatment of health ailments are lavender oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, myrrh oil and clove oil. Lavender oil is known as one of the popular essential oils for treating many health ailments. The health benefits of lavender oil include its ability to eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation and treats herpes symptoms as well.  This oil can reduce and heal the cold sores and blisters.

Lavender oil is extracted from the flowers of lavender oil through the process of steam distillation. Traditionally lavender oil has been used for making perfumes. Lavender oil usually works well and also helps to bring down the pain. Studies found that lavender oil has great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help in curing herpes virus and its frequent outbreaks. The anti-inflammatory properties of the lavender oil will reduce the pain, inflammation and redness associated with herpes symptoms. Herpes can cause painful blisters as well as itching, redness and swelling on the skin. The beneficial properties of the lavender oil will help in reducing all these symptoms as well as speed up the healing time.

How To Use Lavender Oil For Herpes Outbreaks

lavender oil for herepsThe frequent herpes outbreaks are the most annoying part of this virus and only lavender oil can protect you from future as well as existing herpes outbreaks. You only need to use it regularly. A regular massage of the lavender oil will provide the relief from the pain and inflammation. Simply apply the lavender oil on the affected parts and give a gentle massage. You can repeat this activity 2-3 times a day for better results. You can even add other essential oils and carrier oils to get more benefits. The good part of using lavender oil is that you will not have to deal with any kind of side effects as antivirals give you as free.

Intake of lavender oil will strengthen your immune system which helps in fighting off the diseases and also stops the growth of the virus inside your body. If you are really want to reduce herpes symptoms without dealing any kind of side effects, there is no better option than using natural ingredients and lavender oil is one of them. Simply try this natural essential oil and get back your life on the track where you do not need to deal herpes outbreaks.

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Simplest and easiest cure for yeast infection- apple cider vinegar

yeast-infection-Want to know the reason behind having to itch and burning sensation in your vagina- then this platform is best for you. This article contains the best and proper information about yeast infection. Now you must be thinking that you can get information about this disease from any other website then what is different in this article? Well, for that I can only say read this article and you will understand yourself. Before sharing a remedy for yeast infection let’s have a look at what this condition is and how anyone can get this infection.

Yeast infection

Vaginal yeast infection is also called candidiasis and this is a common condition in females. A healthy vagina has some good bacteria and yeast cells but when the balance of both bacteria and yeast disturbs, the yeast cells can multiply and cause itching, pain and discomfort. This infection is not considered as a sexually transmitted infection. Most commonly it affects women but men can also get it. It is said that 3 out of 5 women experience this infection at some point in their life. This is a type of a fungal infection which is caused by yeast species “candida albicans” but other species can also cause vaginal yeast infection. A balanced level of bacteria and yeast are always present in women’s vagina, but these species can make some disturbance in that balance which can lead to yeast infection.  There are some factors which can increase the risk of this infection: use(use) of antibiotics, taking contraceptive pills, pregnancy, hormonal pills and uncontrolled diabetes. Some symptoms of this infection are itching, burning or irritation of the vagina, pain or soreness on the vagina, vaginal burning, and rash. So now it’s time to reveal that ingredient’s name which can cure this condition and the name is apple cider vinegar. Yes, this is the ingredient which can cure this disease very effectively.

Apple-Cider-Vinegar-for-Yeast-InfectionApple cider vinegar for yeast infection 

Apple cider vinegar is a very common ingredient in every household and apple cider vinegar for yeast infection is one of the best remedies. This is very effective because it’s known for its healing effects and by this, you can get so many health benefits. ACV contains so many nutrients, enzymes and good bacteria that can inhibit the candida growth and also maintain the skin’s PH balance. It helps to increase the good bacteria and immunity of the body.  It is said that this disease is very common among people who have diabetes. Now the good news is apple cider vinegar can control your diabetes too. It is not only helpful to get rid of yeast infection but, it also produces good bacteria. This ingredient is not only helpful in yeast infection but also other health conditions like acne, heal poison ivy, cure a cold and treat acid reflux.

How to use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection

You can use ACV both internally and externally. Add 1-2 teaspoon of ACV in one cup of water or tea. Do not add sugar or honey because sugar can increase the growth of candida.  Drink that solution two or three times in a day or until your symptoms go away. If you drink this solution on a daily basis, it can reduce the chances of getting a yeast infection. Apple-Cider-Vinegar-for-Yeast-Infection

I think now you can understand why I was saying -this is the informative article by which you can get not only information about yeast infection but also how to cure this infection? I know there are so many over the counter medicines, then why you want to switch your preference. But, tell me one thing- if there is something by which you can cure your condition without getting any harmful side effects, why you want to go for other treatment? This is a very effective ingredient that can cure almost every condition with so much efficiency.  It is proved that apple cider vinegar for yeast infection is the best treatment option. If nature has given us the best solution for our problems, why you want to go for other harmful treatments? If you know anyone who is suffering from yeast infection, tell that person to use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection.