Gonorrhea – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection that evolves when a bacterium named Neisseria gonorrhoeae manages to enter in your body. The condition of gonorrhea generally doesn’t lead to the occurrence of any traits but in few cases it can lead to certain traits. This bacterium generally affect warmer and moist area such as urethra, anus, vagina, eyes, tract and other female productive parts. gonococcal-infectionAs this is a contagious infection so anyone can easily receive this virus in their body. There are numbers of ways exit that can lead to the transmission of this infection. Most often the Neisseria gonorrhoeae generally transmits through sexual acts whether it is vaginal sex, oral sex or anal form of sex. Men have fewer percentage of risk of getting infected from this infection than woman. A pregnant woman can transfer this bacterium to their children during the infant birth. It is nearly impossible to get affected from this bacterium through touching an object.
If we talk about the major indications of gonorrhea most often the signs and symptoms don’t occur. However, in 40 percent of the gonorrhea cases it may lead to certain traits. The signs and symptoms of gonorrhea occur 10 to 12 days after getting affected from this bacterium.  Vaginal discharge is the very common traits of this infection. Lower abdominal pain, painful sexual intercourse and swelling around the uterine cervix are the some m
ajor indications that may form in the result of gonorrhea. In men it may lead to swelling in penile urethra, burning sensation while urination and discharge from the penile are the common indications. In few cases sore throat may also present as a symptom of gonorrhea. Very few patients also experience tiredness as one of the gonorrhea indications.

gonorrhea-in-eyesAs far as the question of gonorrhea treatment is concerned, there are certain treatment options available that can help you to get rid of this infection. Generally doctors recommend modern antibiotics to cure this infection. Ceftriaxone is a kind of injectable antibiotic that is effective for the treatment of this infection. The patient can also take antibacterial medicines orally either Azithromycin or doxycycline. These are the some effective medicines that can be used to treat this infection. Generally it is believed that prevention is better than cure and by applying this notion in your life may immensely help you to not to get any kinds of infection. You just need to take some prevention steps to prevent any kinds of infection.

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